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Technology is growing. The scope and use of internet is spreading widely day by day.The emergence of smart phones also increased the growth of internet and its applications.Most us are spending a vast amount of time in browsing Facebook and whats app messages, because our generation showing some sort of passion towards the scope of internet.So,why cant we use the scope of internet for our studies?Here we are providing an online learning spot for who are preparing for competitive exams while working.Learn from wherever you are.

Preparing for competitive exam is completely different from your regular exams. College exams are normally prepared for every one to score good marks, but competitive exams are different.Whether its engineering entrance exam, medical entrance exam, MBA entrance exam or CA, CS exam or Bank or PSC recruitment exam, your preparation should be planned properly

PSCMentor is a vision to provide free and easy education to everyone on the Internet. We are working towards bringing the entire study routine of job seekers on the Internet. We are starting up with providing simple mock tests, and are constantly working hard to expand our Library.With a large collection of previous question answers collected from various competitive exams we bring an online lab where you can learn and test yourself.There is no limit what you can bring from here, which provides you remarkable learning experience at a cost of just an internet connection.So go on, explore and learn.

Best of Luck..

How It Works

Topical Tests: Topical Tests will sharpen you especially where you are weak.

Answer Keys: At the end of every attempt an answer key will be generated which may help you to remind all those things you learned.

General Test: It is a quick revisal and the best way to understand where you are in a competition.So be always make sure "I am just below from the top and next step on the top"

Custom Exam: Custom Exam is simply users choice.You can create an atmosphere of a particular exam by choosing questions from different areas you like.Its just like a syllabus oriented exam.Best of Luck.

Terms To Use pscmentor.com

PSCMentor Is A Vision To Provide Free And Easy Education To Everyone On The Internet. We Are Working Towards Bringing The Entire Study Routine Of Job Seekers On The Internet.

Basic Introduction

PSCMentor is open to all. As of now, we don't ask users to provide any information about their identity to use our services, but in future this may change, and with changes to our service we will keep changing our terms too. We will keep on adding new content and in some case edit the existing content too, without any prior notice to our users.

These tutorials are written and checked by us, we assure you that everything you will study from PSCMentor is accurate, still we do not guarantee the accuracy of the tutorials.

In addition, PSCMentor might stop providing the services (permanently or temporarily) to all or some users without any prior notice. Providing or not providing you the services, is entirely the wish of PSCMentor. Contact Us

We at PSCMentor always welcomes your views regarding our website's performance. Whether it is doing it's job well, up to the mark or marvellously.

And for this we require your involvement, for any type of suggestion, question, complaint or something that you think is missing with us, or you have any new idea, Please feel free to contact us.

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