Supreme Court

  • Article 124 to 147 (Part V)

  • Supreme Court of India was inaugurated on 28th January 1950.

  • Supreme court is called guardian of the constitution.

  • Supreme court is located on Tilak Marg, New Delhi.

  • Pin code of Supreme court is 110201 (2013 September).

  • The supreme court of India includes the Chief Justice and 30 other Judges. Initially it had a Chief Justice and 7 other Judges.

  • Judges of the Supreme court are appointed by the President.

  • The oath of affirmation to the Judges of the Supreme court is administrated by the President of India.

  • A judge of the Supreme court holds office till he attained the age of 65 years.

  • The Supreme court is a court of record according to Article 129.

  • The salary of the judges of the Supreme Court are drwan from the consolidated fund of India.

  • The Supreme Court of India possesses the power of constitutional review.

  • The proceedings of the Supreme Court is conducted in English only.

  • The Supreme Court enjoys the following jurisdiction

  • The first case of Impeachment of a Judge in India was Justice V R Ramaswami (1993 Loksabha)


1. Original Jurisdiction :- The supreme Court has the exclusive authority to decide any dispute involving a question of law of facts between the Government of India and one or more states or between to or more states.

2. Appellate Jurisdiction:- It means that appeal petition can be taken before Supreme Court from the Judgement or decision of the high court on cases involving civil, criminal etc. Matter after its judgement.

3. Advisory Jurisdiction:- It means that the president can refer to the Supreme Court for its advice or opinion if he has some doubt on a law or constitution or a fact (Article 143).

4. Review Jurisdiction :- Both the Supreme Court and High Court have been given the power to review and reconsider their own judgement.

Qualification of Judges of Supreme Court

1. He should be a citizen of India.

2. Judge of High Court for at least 5 years or 10 years practice as an advocate of High Court.

Points to remember

First CJ of India

Harilal J Kania

Longest period as CJ of India

Y V Chandrachood

First Malayalee to become a Judge of the Supreme Court

Justice P Govinda Menon

First woman Judge of the Supreme Court

Fathima Beevi (Malayalee)

The Chief justice who became the acting president of India

M Hidayatullah

First CJ to be appointed as Governer

P Sadasivam

First Vice President after the post of CJ of Supreme Court

M Hidayatullah

First Loksabha Speaker after the post of judge in Supreme Court

K S Hegde