• The 42nd Constitutional amendment Act 1976 added a new part XIV A and Article 323 A to the constitution.

  • Article 323A empowers the Parliament to provide for the establishment of administrative tribunals for the adjudication of disputes relating to recruitment and conditions of service of person appointed to public service of the Centre, State local bodies, Public corporations and other public authorities.

  • According to Article 323-A, Parliament passed the Administrative Tribunal Act in 1985 to Setup Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) and State Administrative Tribunals (SAT).

  • The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) was setup in 1895 with the main bench in Delhi.

  • The Chairman of CAT shall be a sitting or retired Judge of a High Court.

  • The Chairman, Vice Chairman and members of the CAT and SATs are appointed by the President.

  • The Chairman and Vice Chairman holds the office for a term of 5 years or attaining age of 65 years.

  • The CAT is guided by the Principles of Natural Justice. It is not bounded by the Civil Procedure code of 1908.

  • The appeals against the orders of the CAT shall lie before the division bench of the high court Concerned.