• Part II, Article 5 to 11

  • The idea of single citizenship is borrowed from Britain. Parliament is passed the citizenship Act in 1955.

Acquire Indian Citizenship by 5 ways

  1. Birth

  2. By Descent

  3. By Registration

  4. By Naturalization

  5. By Incorporation of Territory

Way of losing Citizenship

  1. Renunciation

  2. Termination

  3. Deprivation

  • Before applying Indian Citizenship through registration, a person has to live in India for 5 to 7 years continuously.

  • Population of a country cab be divided into citizens and aliens. Citizens enjoy full civil and political rights, but aliens are not.

  • Some fundamental rights under Article 15, 16, 19 and 30 are reserved only for the citizens of India

  • Some important posts are reserved only for the citizens of India [President, Vice President, Governors, Judges of Supreme Court and High Court, Attorney General, Member of Parliament and State Assembly, Advocate general]

  • Rights to vote in Parliament and Assembly elections in citizen provisions.

Persons of Indian Origin Card Scheme was introduced by Govt of India in 1999 March 30. It came into force on 15th September 2002.